Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: PC Gameplay, Review & Specifications

CyberConnect2 developer and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment finally released the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game on January 17, 2020 which has open world gameplay. The release of this open world RPG game is intended for Japan and throughout the world on the PS4 , Xbox and PC platforms via Steam.

This game is made with Unreal Engine 4 engine, RPG genre, with single player mode. Well for those of you who are curious about the trailer, gameplay, review and specifications of the PC game Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, just refer to it below, well, the review.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot gameplay

DBZ: Kakarot was plotted in an area in the form of a semi-open world in which RPG elements were spiked. The game, which is still in the adventure genre, follows the plot of the Dragon Ball Z anime series with the main protagonist Son Goku . Other characters that can be played in this game are Gohan (young, teenager, adult), Vegeta , Piccolo, future Trunks, Gotenks, and Vegito.

The Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game is divided into individual hubs that will be locked until the player reaches a certain point in the story, which finally leaves new territory open to explore. In this game, flying becomes a big aspect in gameplay because it becomes the main way of traveling to explore the world. However, running at very high speeds, and driving a vehicle and Kinton clouds can be an option too.

Fighting in this Steam game is a combination of several punches, kicks, dodging, and explosions of ki energy released with special movements and combos. Outside the battle, players are free to roam to various different locations, collecting minerals, and also a number of fish. At the beginning of the game, Goku as the character played does not include the strongest movements. This movement must be opened through the skill tree and progress in the game's story.

To improve character, there are four ways, namely by fighting, finding ki-orbs, eating, and creating a community game slot. Connecting characters with community leaders of different types can maximize the experience gained. Orbs can be found through exploration, and is useful as a currency to increase skill trees. Food is useful in permanently increasing character status. By fighting in battles, experience points will be earned.

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