Dolittle, Seriously Served with Impressive Final Results

Dolittle which is currently airing in theaters is not the first story of Doctor Dolittle who was appointed to the big screen. The classic version of Dolittle was made by filmmaker Richard Fleischer in 1967.

Dolittle, Seriously Served with Impressive Final Results
Nominated for 9 Oscars, the film Doctor Dolittle brought two trophies for the Best Movie Theme Song and Visual Effects. The filmmakers are aware, the story of Doctor Dolittle's  treasure that can be remade at any time.

Then we see the 1998 version of Dolittle , starring Eddy Murphy. Eddy Murphy's version of Dolittle was abused by critics. However, this film harvests 294 million US dollars. No wonder if three years later there is a sequel with deteriorating quality.

In the hands of Robert Downey Jr., we hope that the quality of Dolittle is glowing again. This film tells the happy life of Dolittle (Robert). Married Lily (Kasia), the couple was awarded a building and an asylum park by the Queen of England, Victoria (Jessie). One day, Lily said goodbye to crossing the ocean to trace the existence of the Garden of Eden.

Lily's journey is blocked by big waves. The boat sank. He died. Polly Parrot (Emma) who accompanied Lily home with her wedding ring. The beaten Dolittle closed the park to the public. Year after year passed. One afternoon Tommy (Harry) accompanied his uncle to hunt around Dolittle's residence.

He accidentally shot a squirrel. Moved by compassion, Tommy asked Dolittle for help. On the same day, Dolittle has a guest Lady Rose (Carmel) who informs Victoria of being sick and dying.

Polly reminded Dolittle, if Victoria died, the Treasury would close the animal park. Dolittle and all animals are thrown into the street. Finally Dolittle went to Buckingham Palace. He was welcomed by Lord Thomas (Jim) and Dr. Blair (Michael).

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