The Informer, FBI Spy Battle in the Mafia Nest

 The Informer opened with a subtle tension. A well-built tattooed man was sitting in the dining room, tucking a small microphone under the shirt he was stitching. The man named Pete Koslow (Joel Kinnaman) then received a video call from a Latin man who greeted him intimately.

The conversation was relaxed, although it was implied that the contents of their conversation would be against the law. As soon as the video call ended, Pete's face changed.

He immediately contacted other figures on his cellphone, then rushed his wife and daughter to "go camping". From his wife's anxious expression, Sofia (Ana de Armas), it was clear that they were not going to travel.

Instead, this small family will face intrigue that endangers their lives. Within 113 minutes thereafter, The Informer I will tell about Pete Koslow, an informant who was "planted" by FBI agent Wilcox (Rosamund Pike) in a criminal organization to capture their big boss.

Drugs from Prison

A bag containing six kilograms of first-class drugs that Pete was about to deliver, should be enough evidence to apprehend the mafia boss. Wilcox also has a neat plan. But a plan is just a plan. The nephew of the big boss, Daniel (Arturo Castro) took the wrong step, which resulted in the death of the New York police.

Things are getting more complicated. The big boss who did not want this murder business to interfere with his business ordered Pete to admit this event. Pete was even assigned to take control of the mafia boss's drug business in prison. On the other hand, Detective Grens (Common) did not remain silent and was determined to hunt down the killers of his coworkers until he met.

Not Too Pumping Adrenaline
If you hope that The Informer will be livened up with action scenes filled with dar-der-dor, then get ready to feel disappointed.

This film does not pump up the adrenaline of the audience through the action scenes. Conversely, more tension is woven about how Pete Koslow moves slippery in limited space as an FBI informant who covers his identity from a mob boss. Especially when he starts losing his grip on who his friends and enemies really are, and the center of trouble starts to approach his family. 

However, this is actually not something new in espionage films.

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