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 Naruto, almost everyone recognizes this ninja, after accompanying us for more than 15 years Naruto was finished last year. In closing, this film was made, what's interesting about this film is the story which (he said) will be a bridge from the last 2 chapters of the manga. And after reading the last chapter it seems like this movie must be awaited (mainly because it is curious about the fate of the characters).

Had rumored not to be aired in Indonesia because of the Doraemon: Stand By Me case, it turns out the film also aired in Indonesia, although it had to wait about 3 months.

So whether this film will meet the expectations of the fans ?? lets start the review
A Little Confession

Honestly I follow Naruto ONLY from the manga, I rarely watch the anime after being bored with filler episodes (side) before entering the Shippuden era. And the movie I never watched (even though it was often shown on gl * bal tv) because it was the original story itself and not connected to the original story alias non-canon.

 Because this film is the only Naruto movie that connects to the original story, so I was forced to watch it, and it turns out this film does not match my expectations: '(.


2 Years after the war against Madara cs, finally the ninja world can enjoy peaceful times with Kakashi as Hokage. Naruto himself was like a celebrity and was chased by almost all the girls in his village. And Hinata pu can only watch him (while stroking the chest and say 'I'm rapopo' XD).

Then a conflict arose with the abduction of Hanabi by the mysterious Ninja Clan from the Moon led by Toneri Otsutsuki, a direct descendant of the twin brother Rikudo Sannin (6-way ascetic). And his plan is to crash the moon to Earth by utilizing the power of the Hyuuga (Byakugan) clan. Then sent Team 7 (Naruto, Sai, Sakura) with additional members Hinata and Shikamaru to save the world.

  Is it really the standard ??

But instead of focusing on the story of the destruction of the earth, this film is even more concerned with the romance between Naruto and Hinata that is full of obstacles, why full of obstacles? Because the guy is insensitive and the girl is shy. And of course if you have read the last chapter of the manga, you will know the end result of this love story. So basically this film only tells "How Hinata Getting Naruto XD".

Some Plot Hole (contains SPOILER)

There are some scenes that I find odd and make me disappointed, be careful reading it because it contains SPOILER

Where's Kurama?

  Though Naruto has managed to control the Kyubi and make friends with him, but unfortunately the role of Kurama here is very minimal. Does he feel he doesn't need to help Naruto anymore ??

Kurama appeared at the end of the film, but only as a summon to fight the last Boss, that's all.

(Where are you ??? )

Where's Kurama (part 2)?

 According to Killer Bee, Jinchuriki who can control bijuu will be immune to genjutsu, because when one chakra flow is chaotic it will be stabilized by his partner. So you could say that Naruto and Bee are anti Genjutsu.

But in fact Naruto was hit by Genjutsu and made aware of by Sakura. Does this mean Kurama doesn't care about Naruto anymore ???

But this Genjutsu turned out to be important for the story plot.

(means killer bee is indeed the best Jinchuriki because it can be anti-Genjutsu)

Hinata is DID (Damsel in Distress)

Even though she is a girl, but Hinata is still a Shinobi and belongs to the elite family of the Hyuuga clan, but unfortunately here she looks rather helpless and weak.

 In fact, in the beginning when Hinata was kidnapped by Toneri's men and fell from a height, he even hung on a scarf that he knitted for Naruto. It looks very strange here.

 Because a Shinobi should be able to 'depend' / stick to a building / wood by using / collecting chakra on the feet, and this is classified as the basis for the Shinobi, and Hinata did not do it, did 2 years of peace make his instincts dull ??? .

(to my knowledge this is the basic thing for Shinobi)

But all of that is indeed useful for the plot ..., just think of it as a PDKT Hinata event with Naruto XD.
(but still she's beautiful ... after Ino XD)

Hey Sasuke

Hey Sasuke appeared ...

It's just a moment ...

Just like that .......

  For me Sasuke in this film is like Jelangkung, come not picked up go home live shunshin no jutsu alone aj XD.

(His appearance was less than 1 minute XD)

Toneri Clan

Despite having a relationship with Rikudo Sannin, it's a pity the story about Toneri is less explored (because the film focuses on Naruto and Hinata only). And because this is a movie, the name Toneri and the clan are never mentioned in the manga (which is actually ugly / disappointing, because the film is connected to the manga story).

If only Toneri had been mentioned before, maybe Tobi, Madara, or Kabuto would consider or recruit him for the Shinobi World war. And I'm sure Naruto won't win if that happens XD.

For me, Toneri is like a combination of FA (Forever Alone) and Aku Rapopo.

(Living alone on the Moon and suddenly inviting Hinata to marry)

Other characters fate

If you read the last chapter then we can see the fate of several characters, some are married and have children, some are retired, and some are fat (anko, the former student of Orochimaru). The joining of several characters in a marriage is interesting but it will be more interesting if we can find out how their relationship started.

Unfortunately, like I said. This film only focuses on Naruto and Hinata. Other figures are only considered as displays

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