Crazy Romance: About Love, Broken Hearts, Move On, and Pretense

South Korean filmmakers always have a way of expressing love in an unusual way. Crazy Romance , written and worked on by Kim Han Gyul for example.

In fact, Crazy Romance presents love stories that we often hear. A girl in love with a guy who has an affair in the same office. What's so special?

In the hands of Kim Han Gyul, Crazy Romance becomes a variety of flavors that make us want to snack again and again. He is not just sweet, given the background of the two main characters Crazy Romance bitter.

t is Jae Hoon (Kim Rae Won) who is severely broken because of being betrayed by his future wife, Soo Jung (Son Yeo Eun). The boyfriend is cheating on Jae Hoon's apartment room. In fact, the room was originally prepared for them after being officially married.

Since then Jae Hoon's life has been a mess. Drunken fondness and lying in various places from elevators to the living room. On the other hand, Sun Young (Gong Hyo Jin) just broke up with handsome but temperamental Dong Hwa (Ji Il Joo). After breaking up, Dong Hwa who didn't accept ransacked Sun Young's house.

Office colleagues
Not only that, Dong Hwa accused Sun Young of prostitutes. Sun Young starts a new chapter by working at the advertising agency Kwon Soo (Jung Woong In).

It was there that he met Jae-Hoon. Initially, they did not like each other. Frequent interactions in the office from discussing projects, having lunch together, to hanging out together make the two know each other then get close.

One day, when their office is having a picnic, Sun Young and Jae Hoon get drunk to sleep together. The problem is, the office atmosphere isn't as exciting as Sun Young imagined.

About the Heartbreak and Move On
At a glance, Crazy Romance's story is normal. Moreover, Kim Han Gyul tells stories through scenes that tell of daily life. Everything feels realistic, you and we may have experienced.

From gossiping with parents over the telephone, chatting with colleagues, working, hanging out, even fighting, they were executed without excessive dramatization. The first half of this film seems ordinary. Cuteness occurs due to the situation and interaction between characters. Along with that, two main characters begin to develop.

Some of it was revealed through chat on the mobile application. What was revealed was not a dime. Not focusing when watching has the potential to make you lose the pieces of the story because the film is fairly detailed. Some things you should pay attention to are vegetables that are stored in the fridge, cats that enter a room, to Sun Young's chat window when in the office. These printilan elements are windows that make us better understand why there is a broken heart and moving on feels difficult.

Feels Real
The second half is more bite. Kim Rae Won and Gong Hyo Jin present a close relationship. Their emotions increase with the pressure of conflict that comes from within and the environment. Kim Rae Won and Gong Hyo Jin match each other. Interestingly, the instability of both is reflected in the makeup and appearance. Every now and then they look messy. In perfect condition, Kim Rae Won's performance makes us understand why Sun Young's stance is wavering. This is an adult love story, an established career.

Then there is no truth and instability. What is presented in this film looks real. Romantic air that blows purely comes from the development of character and chemistry between players.

Pretense because of prestige and busy keeping self-esteem in the office makes this love story more classy. Kim Han Gyul did not forget to use office drama as a side story that strengthens the world of Crazy Romance. The source of classic drama, gossip about office people. No, in Indonesia, no, there is always gossip among employees.

Yang in Korea discussed the background of new employees to the boss's relationship with his wife. Those in Indonesia might discuss the same thing or be upset with someone and then deliberately silence the message. The result was a drama that didn't matter. Apart from the classic theme that was carried, Crazy Romance managed to display the characters in progress. The love story, as the main menu, moves forward. While conflicts with the surrounding show the nature and original strength of the character who initially seemed calm, resigned.

Turnback point
The turning point of the main character occurs when he counterattacked and chaos clad in antics. This film gives an idea how revenge can be made with both sweet and painful. On top of that, Kim Han Gyul's highest achievement was to give a memorable ending.

A game of guessing words or sentences through mouth movements. Interestingly, the other person might not know. We are the ones who know. In other words, we are not only an audience but part of this crazy romance.

From this we know, Crazy Romance is a comedy drama from the Land of Ginseng made with a heart. This is allusions about love, heartbreak, move on, and pretense. Served relaxed and full of humor, ending with a symbol of happiness that bridges nonverbal to verbal style. Crazy Romance is one of the coolest romantic comedies of the year.

Players : Kim Rae Won, Gong Hyo Jin, Jung Woong In, Kang Ki Young, Ji Il Joo, Son Yeo Eun

Producer : Oh Hyo Jin

Director : Kim Han Gyul

Writer : Kim Han Gyul

Production : Zip Cinema

Duration : 109 minutes

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